Brain Health Panel Discussion: How To Keep Your Brain Going Strong

March 14


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Virtual Brain Health Center

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Online Event

Discover the transformative power of 40Hz gamma wave entrainment, a key to optimizing brain health and cognitive function.
  • Recent research has confirmed that Gamma wave brain entrainment (specifically at 40Hz) has a positive impact on cognitive function and brain anatomy.
  • Most of this research utilizes a simple raw tone at 40Hz in the studies. As listening sessions to achieve benefits need to last a minimum of 20 minutes, this raw tone can become quite annoying.

  • Our approach at Metta Mindfulness Music is to create beautiful music composed at 40Hz with instruments tuned to 40Hz and an additional layer of 40Hz entrainment achieved by binaural beats. The beautiful musicality and high-level acoustic performance of this music encourage longer listening sessions that are relaxing and beneficial.

FREE virtual event.

The Virtual Brain Health Center is your one-stop shop for understanding brain health and what you can do today for your personal brain care.

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