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Your brain is fascinating. 
Let’s keep it that way.

Welcome to the Virtual Brain Health Center! It’s our sole mission to provide practical solutions introduced into your daily routine, enabling you to take control of your brain wellness today and a healthier tomorrow.

Not many people truly understand the importance of stimulating our brains. Our lifestyle has profound effects on our overall health. We know more than ever before how simple, daily changes can equate to long-term changes in our brain’s optimal health. Our friendly and supportive team at the Virtual Brain Health Center explores your lifestyle, creating dynamic ways you can protect your brain’s health and wellness with ease.

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We’ve enabled our practices to access unlimited resources for individuals and groups by developing outstanding collaborations and partnerships to support the populations we serve. Our driving force is to provide accessible, low-cost programs for all our clients to ensure everyone has the right tools for protecting their brains.

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Our virtual organization model allows us to connect with students regardless of their location through flexible support. We’re redefining modern education and care by removing barriers to help you get the most out of your wellness routine. We’re taking no shortcuts. Just because you don’t experience face-to-face interactions, it’s our policy never to dull down our level of support.

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At the Virtual Brain Health Center, our nurturing team, supplied with decades of experience, introduces you to the latest brain-based research, technology, and alternatives to optimize your brain wellness. It’s simple. We analyze the cutting-edge facts to educate you with risk-reduction lifestyle adaptations that sustain your health and wellbeing.

Our Values

We are supporting our top three pillars of...


We rely on the latest, innovative scientific research to guide and facilitate our services at the Virtual Brain Health Center. Through our unique, tight-knit partnerships, and flexible mindsets, we’re able to modernize to the diverse interests and needs of our consumers through the adoption, use, and on-going learning of cutting-edge technology.


We foster a supportive, collaborative environment. Our services entirely rely on nurturing and caring for each individual who enters our virtual center. We aim to provide a warm environment for all.


We strive to remain truly authentic throughout all our services, with trustworthy information and guidance available to all our students, carers, families, providers, and partners. At the Virtual Brain Health Center, we’re maintaining a transparent, trusting relationship for all.

Meet the Team

It’s great to meet you virtually! Before we meet you personally, we thought it would be great to introduce ourselves. After all, we’re all providing the ultimate, welcoming service to all our customers.

At the Virtual Brain Health Center, we have over four decades of experience in aging and wellness. Backed by international and national award-winning programs in brain health and lifelong learning, we are excited to partner together for this venture. We’re proud to support our students by providing skills in our respective fields of study, ranging from the behavioral sciences to education with a focus on aging well. We’re ready for any challenge which comes our way!

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Dr. Krystal L.Culler


Krystal is the trailblazing Founder of the Virtual Brain Health Center, is on a mission to revolutionize brain care for everyone. As a Doctor of Behavioral Health and a holistic brain health expert, she brings nearly two decades of unparalleled expertise in working with individuals, families, providers, and advocacy organizations, specializing in brain-related diagnoses. With her groundbreaking work in translational and applied brain health science, she has garnered a collection of prestigious international and national awards.


LeAnne Stuver

M.Ed., BSN

LeAnne Stuver is the Director of Lifelong Learning, a registered nurse, and an experienced health educator dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach health education. With over 25 years of expertise in the planning and implementation of adult education curriculum, she has enlightened countless individuals through her diverse range of educational programs. Passionate about empowering individuals and communities, she strives to teach practical methods for supporting brain health and overall wellness.

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