Our company offers high-quality, live-streamed, interactive courses provided by experienced industry professionals on a wide variety of topics related to healthy aging, brain wellness, and memory care. Driven by our model of brain wellness, our programs aim to support the personal brain care of all of our students and program attendees. We translate the latest science into actionable steps that you can take today. Your brain health is in your hands and we are here to support you along with experts in their respective fields.

We are purposeful with our program planning. We leverage neuroscience to optimize the health and well-being of those we serve. Our circadian rhythm, also known as our internal body clock, is our body’s preference to engage in particular tasks at a given time of the day for optimal function and performance. 

In translating the currently available science into actionable steps that we can take in our daily lives; our program calendar is intentionally designed to optimize brain wellness through the following course times and purposeful engagement.  


Students & Professional Engagement

Brain health is for everyone and we have experience providing brain health programs for adults, individuals, and professionals from multiple disciplines across a variety of locations.

All of the events listed on our website are provided free of charge to individuals. We offer some of our programs for free through our collaborative partnerships for individuals, groups, and communities. Each year we celebrate the amazing brain in March for Brain Awareness Week and subsequent “Brain Day” events including our Summer Brain Boot Camp in June. 

Individuals should have an internet connection, a device to stream a class, a downloaded Zoom App, and/or a phone to dial in for the courses. (Please email info@virtualbrainhealthcenter.com for information to join a class by phone.) All of our classes are hosted via Zoom and our events are live-streamed with an expert course instructor and VBHC staff member. Please note, at this time our events are not recorded and will not be available after they are offered. Download the Eventbrite app for easy access and follow the “Virtual Brain Health Center” to receive our event notifications. (You may be required to set-up an Eventbrite account to join our free  programs.)

Join our email list or opt into receiving event notifications from the “Virtual Brain Health Center” on Eventbrite. We look forward to having you join our growing virtual community.

Yes! Although our classes are intended for adults living in their homes and within their respective communities, we welcome conversations with providers, organizations, and communities for group and corporate offerings. Contact us to schedule a meeting today.

This is a great question. We have a variety of ways for individuals, groups, and communities to access our programs. Our goal is to make brain health and wellness accessible. We want to support your brain care. Reach out today to learn more via our contact form or email us now.

Yes! It would be an honor to customize a brain wellness talk, series, training, or workshop for your organization or wellness event. Get in touch with us today for a free initial consultation.

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