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The Virtual Brain Health Center has partnered with A Kids Co., a new kind of media company with a collection of beautifully designed books that kickstart challenging, empowering, and important conversations for kids and their grownups.

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Book Summary
Have you ever thanked your brain for all it does for you? Try it out!

Our lives depend on keeping our brains healthy.

🧠  We use our brain in everything we do, so it’s important to protect and care for them every day.

Your brain is AMAZING (and so are you!).

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Book Reviews 📖

Kids know about keeping their bodies healthy but they don’t know yet about keeping their brain’s healthy. This is a much-needed and attractive book that will benefits children – but also their parents, who also need to take care of their brains more.

This book is a fun, visual, and succinct way to teach kids (and remind adults!) about important factors for keeping our brains healthy. It makes the topic approachable and understandable and is a good conversation starter to teach kids good habits for their health.

A timely and important kids book about the brain and why we need to look after it from an early age. Perfect to get the brain health conversation going between parents and children, with clear explanations of how and why we need to pay attention to our brains. Two thumbs up!

With a clear, fun, informative style, A Kid’s Book About Brain Health celebrates cognitive diversity while teaching all of us specific ways to take care of our brains. It leads readers toward lifelong practices of curiosity, resting, moving, eating well, speaking about emotions, and gratitude to promote individual brain health. Imagine the possibilities for the world if everyone practiced this.

I appreciate the authors' commitment to fostering healthy brains right from the start, something we know from the research is crucial to long-term brain health. This book is informative and engaging, presenting developmentally appropriate concepts that lay the foundation for a lifetime of cognitive well-being.

Essential reading for every young reader and their grownups! “A Kids Book About Brain Health” provides a great introduction to our amazing brains that is easy to understand and through the practical steps listed, empowers readers to start taking care of their brains.

Bravo to the Kids Book about Brain Health! Whereas brain health has normally been an adult conversation, this book enlightens us to the importance of starting the brain health journey as early as possible. It is written in such a way that kids ‘get it’, and parents understand the why, the what, and the how of brain health for their kids. Well done!

This book introduces children to the unique and incredible features of a human brain includes it's ability to adapt, change and grow (ie, neuroplasticity). It encourages a very important conversation between the child and parent about brain health and brain care. It reinforces a very important concept and public health message: the brain must be nurtured and protected along one's life by adopting a healthy lifestyle to maximize it's potential over one's lifespan.

So, how do we take care of our brains copy
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