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Brain Health

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Virtual Brain
Health Center

Our blog and media page offers information on a wide variety of topics related to brain health and wellness. Check out our handouts page for one-page reminders. 


Staying Sharp

Staying Sharp is an online program from AARP offering content about brain health, with challenges, healthy recipes, articles, and activities.

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Global Council
on Brain Health

GCBH is empowering individuals around the world to achieve a brain-healthy lifestyle. New reports explores ways to encourage brain-healthy lifestyles.

Brain Health Tree with pillars

Simple steps you can take to help keep your brain healthy – related to nutrition, gut health, sleep, exercise, and keeping an active mind.

Kids Brain Health

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A Kids Book About Brain Health

Brain health is important for everyone, and it’s never too late to start taking care of your brain!  Your brain is AMAZING (and so are you!). (Children aged 5-9) 

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My Brain Robbie

My Brain Robbie aims to promote brain health in children aged 6 to 12 years old and to increase global public awareness of the importance of brain health to all age groups.


My Amazing Brain features free resources for educators of 8-12 year-olds to help children explore all about how to keep their brain healthy.

Online Brain Checkups

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Brain Health

We now understand a great deal more about what impacts our brain health than we did even ten years ago and it is widely known that the diseases that lead to dementia start in midlife. Explore the following quick quiz and build your personal Brain Health Plan.


Cleveland Clinic
Healthy Brains

The Cleveland Clinic Brain Check-up is an online self-assessment. It is a customized tool that tests your memory and helps you make lifestyle choices that may reduce the risk for brain disorders. The entire check-up will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Summer Brain Boot Camp (4)

Dementia Prevention Checklist

Here is your chance to construct your individual Dementia Prevention Model by completing a Dementia Prevention Checklist. Provide your response to 23 questions  about your behavior and lifestyle. Now it is time to take the next step in decreasing your dementia risk.


Cogniciti’s online assessment is free, private and clinically researched by Baycrest, a world leader in memory and aging. This online assessment takes between 20 to 30 minutes to complete and will generate a personalized score and brain health report.

Healthy Brain Aging


Successful Aging
& Your Brain

Worried about staying mentally sharp as you age? Check out the good news about what we can all do to live a brain-healthy lifestyle!


Cognitive Health
& Older Adults

Cognitive health — the ability to clearly think, learn, & remember — is an important component of performing everyday activities. 


We don’t yet know for certain what, if anything, can prevent dementia, but making healthy lifestyle choices may reduce risks.

Get Involved in Brain Research



ResearchMatch is a nonprofit program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It helps to connect people interested in research studies with top researchers across the U.S.


& Matching Services
for Clinical Trials

Are you thinking of joining a clinical trial or looking for opportunities? Make yourself available to many local and national studies by joining a registry or matching service



The free, easy-to-use service allows you to see which studies are a good fit for you or a family member including healthy aging. Search for studies and get connected.


Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers offer local resources, support, and opportunities to participate in research on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Care Partners



As a caregiver, you may find yourself with so many responsibilities that you neglect to take good care of yourself. Explore resources to be a healthy caregiver.


Alzheimer's Foundation
of America

Caregiver education is vital.  Review multiple strategies that caregivers can incorporate into their daily routines for optimal well-being.


Family Caregiver

Find in-depth information and tips on a wide variety of caregiving topics including strategies and support for your well-being as a caregiver.

Caregiver well-being is a top priority. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges for caregivers is finding the time and energy to take care of their own health.

Caregiver Toolbox


Healthy Living in
Long-Term Care

How to find long-term care that prioritizes healthy living. Tips, questions, and support.


Managing Stress:
Care for the Caregiver

The role of caregivers is both physically and emotionally exhausting.

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UCLA Caregiver
Training Videos

Designed to help caregivers understand how to better care for persons with dementia. 

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