Holiday Gift Guide

Neuroscience Meets Noel:
The Gift Of Brain Care for All

Infuse the holiday spirit with the wisdom of neuroscience to share the gift of brain care for all with your loved ones.

🎁  Get a-head in gifting this holiday season with our brainy gift guide where each present is a no-brainer for promoting brain health– a balance of mental stimulation and relaxation.

May you celebrate, cherish, and honor the brain this holiday season.

Disclaimer: This holiday gift list is a compilation of personal recommendations based on genuine appreciation for the items listed. While these suggestions are curated with care and intended to contribute to brain health and wellness, it’s important to note that the Virtual Brain Health Center does not receive any compensation or financial benefit from the promotion or sale of these products other than our kids book. These recommendations stem from a sincere desire to share valuable insights and thoughtful gift ideas with our community.  

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Kids- Growing Minds

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Virtual Brain
Health Center
Ages 5+

Have you ever thanked your brain for all it does for you? Try it out! Our lives depend on keeping our brains healthy. We use our brain in everything we do, so it’s important to protect and care for them every day. Your brain is AMAZING (and so are you!).


The Genius Square
& Star Game
Ages 6+

 A game of fitting uniquely shaped puzzle pieces onto a square or star-shaped grid first with multiple ways to solve each puzzle. Easy to travel with, easy to teach and learn, and simply enjoy the time! This puzzle game is SIMPLY GENIUS!

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Curious Baby Award Winning 40+ Activities for Baby & Me
(0-12 Months)

A WHOLE YEAR OF PLAY: The activities are organized and color-coded based on the age of your baby. Starting from weeks 0-12 and moving up every three months, you’ll be able to use these cards throughout the entire first year of your little one’s life. The suggested activities are appropriate to the stage of development that your baby is going through based on their age in months.

Fun for All- Gifts That Make You Think (Literally)!

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Happy Neuron
Brain Game Calendar

Challenge your brain the fun way every day with a different puzzle curated by the experts at HappyNeuron®.

The 2024 edition features over a dozen different games, including three all-new styles, ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult.

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Brilliant Brain Coloring Book by
Neuroartist Laura Bundesen
(All Ages)

This artist designed coloring book features 25 fanciful brain designs. Anyone with a brain will enjoy it! 

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True Balance Handheld Coordination Game

TrueBalance is the unpredictably fun coordination and focus game for children, students, and the whole family! This coordination balance game relieves stress by requiring focus and attention.

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Succulent Building Set
Age 6+

Elevate your brainpower as you embark on the ultimate building challenge, constructing a vibrant oasis that seamlessly merges the art of building block craftsmanship with the soothing presence of nature.

Brain Care for All- Where Gifting Gets Brainy!

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Stretch Dice:
Motivational Yoga Game

Transform your stretch routine with Vinny Bonanno’s Stretch Dice, the game of healthy habits! 

Roll to let destiny choose your next move, making flexibility fun and unpredictable.


Nod Pod
Gentle Pressure Eye Mask

The Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes® Equally distributes the power of deep-touch pressure across key pressure points to help calm overactive minds, soothe headaches and help you sink into deep restful sleep.

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These albums contain binaural beats music, which entrain the brain waves with frequencies that modulate to Delta, Theta, and Gamma waves to support brain health.

Brain Healthy Gifts for a Cause

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Good Brain Coffee

Good Brain Coffee Inc. is on a mission to advance dementia research through Music, Science, and Technology. 100% of the proceeds go to expanding brain health awareness.

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Gigi Betty co. donates a portion of all proceeds, through our willGather Wishes program, to organizations that provide support, respite care, and resources for the millions of unpaid family caregivers.

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