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A virtual program that is based on the science of chronic disease self-management.

Dementia Self-Management

This program is designed for people living with mild to moderate dementia or cognitive changes. Participants must either have a diagnosis of a dementia-related condition or have concerns that the cognitive changes they are experiencing might be dementia-related, in which case a comprehensive cognitive assessment from a qualified provider is strongly encouraged, but not required, before program participation.

This particular offering of the Dementia Self-Management Program is not for family members or friends who provide support and/or care to a loved one living with dementia.  The person living with dementia must be able to participate in the online program independently. The facilitators are not authorized to provide any assistance beyond normal program facilitation.

Current Program Offering

It is possible to life well with dementia for many years.

6 Week: Program At-A-Glance

Week 1: On Overview of Dementia

Week 2: Planning Your Healthcare

Week 3: Planning Your Lifestyle

Week 4: Making Sense of Dementia

Week 5: Connecting with Others

Week 6: Focusing on Possibilities

You Can Live Well With Dementia

Join this innovative program designed to support well-being and living well with dementia.

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