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Fading Memories Podcast- Brain Health Strategies Matter Even in Memory Care

Vibrant Living: Brain Health Strategies Matter Even in Memory Care **FIXED AUDIO **


Join me for an insightful conversation with Dr. Krystal Culler of the Virtual Brain Health Center as we journey through the vast and often unexplored terrain of brain health, particularly in relation to memory care. Drawing from her personal experience with dementia in her family, Dr. Culler shares her wisdom on mental stimulation, the importance of engagement, and the surprising benefits of everyday activities like enjoying a day at the park. We further delve into the various aspects of memory care, from creating rewarding experiences to facilitating movements and adjusting care strategies.

Throughout this episode, Dr. Culler and I share our unique experiences and insights on different family dynamics and relationships that can influence care strategies. We discuss navigating the challenges and rewards of caring for loved ones with dementia. Imagine a world where traditional exercise routines are replaced with engaging activities that promote physical health, spark joy, and stimulate the mind. That’s exactly what we’re aiming for!

In the final leg of our journey, we examine the power of storytelling in memory care, how to respect and engage individuals with dementia, and how to navigate the inevitable, challenging days. We also touch on the importance of having a sense of curiosity and grace when trying something new and the value of trusting ourselves to know when something isn’t working. And let’s not forget the caregivers. Self-care is paramount. Tune in and learn how to promote brain health while caring for a loved one in memory care and how to find a sense of fulfillment in the journey. Join us as we explore how to foster vibrant brain health and create a rewarding journey for both those in memory care and their caregivers.

(0:00:01) – Promoting Brain Health in Memory Care

(0:10:39) – Engaging Activities and Movement for Seniors

(0:21:43) – Engaging Memory Care and Storytelling

(0:26:52) – Brain Health and Memory Care

(0:34:22) – Brain Health and Wellness Programs

(0:44:40) – Shifting Perspective on Challenging Days

(0:48:33) – Promoting Brain Health for Caregivers

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