Unraveling Brain Health – with Dr. Krystal Culler

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Dr. Krystal Culler is a passionate advocate for brain health, particularly in the field of gerontology. Growing up with the love and support of her grandparents and older adults, she developed a deep connection with them and spent most of her time with them. It was during her time in grad school when her grandmother started experiencing dementia and her mother went through cognitive changes without receiving a proper diagnosis for years. Additionally, Dr. Culler herself had a shocking Grand Mall seizure, which made her question how she could support people in similar situations.

Recognizing the lack of support for brain-related issues, especially among females, she decided to pursue a doctorate in behavioral health to understand the interconnection of various factors. This journey led her to a career in the broader brain health space, allowing her to combine her interests and continually learn about the brain.

In this episode we talked about:

1. Definition of brain health

2. Deceptive marketing of brain supplements

3. Importance of mental stimulation

4. Effects of alcohol on sleep and brain function

5. Importance of nutrition for brain health

6. Cognitive side effects of medications

7. Brain aerobics and brain training programs


Thanks so much for listening

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