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Exercising Our Brains with Senior Living Foresight

🎙 It was so lovely to chat with Rachel Hill of Senior Living Foresight on all things brain health in senior living.

🧠 Learn about holistic brain health — and how to make your brain work up a sweat in our 30-minute conversation.

We covered a few topics:

✅ How to support others in exploring careers in senior living?
✅ What’s the latest thinking on brain health? Can dementia be prevented?
✅ How to prioritize your brain health in 30 minutes a day? (based on the latest research)
✅ How do nutrition, lifestyle, and even lifelong learning factor in?
✅ How can life enrichment professionals support the brain health of your residents and communities?
✅ And more…

➡ Check out the conversation below. 

🙏 Thanks a myelin to the Senior Living Foresight team for the opportunity to be a part of the conversation on brain health in senior living with Rachel Hill. 

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