Fran Garton Coaching helps people who live with chronic pain learn to minimize and manage their pain so they can continue to thrive. Being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition can be overwhelming. Our mission to help you understand your pain and learn effective strategies and tools you can implement daily to help you break the pain cycle. Through 1-1 coaching and group movement programs, we develop customized plans that work with your needs and goals. We help you redefine your definitions of movement and mindset so that you can start living fully again!

Regardless of your age, living with chronic pain is a difficult thing to do on your own. There are so many factors that contribute to pain and we're here to help you:

- identify things that my increase your pain

- teach you ways to minimize pain

- show your mobility and movements that will help keep your body healthy and reduce your pain

- teach you how to set healthy boundaries in your life and relationships to help reduce your pain

- teach you about foods that may be affecting your pain

- shift your mindset to look at the things you CAN do instead of focusing on your limitations


Living with a chronic pain condition can take over your whole life and make it feel like you aren't really living. We aim to teach you how to take control over your pain!



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    Pain Reduction and Active Aging

    Services Offered

    Pain Reduction Coaching, 1-1 Coaching, Personal Training, Small Group Fitness, QiGong Instructor, Meditation instructor, Barefoot Training, Foam Rolling, and Pelvic Floor Training