Get to know the basics of our innovative cognitive health program.

Millions of people across North America live with the long-term effects of acquired brain injury, more face cognitive decline as they age, or struggle with experiencing brain fog and anxiety that hinders them from performing at their very best. The proprietary Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS) is a research-based cognitive program that has shown remarkable results in helping people address their individual cognitive challenges and enhance their brain health. 

BEARS fills the gap between what traditional cognitive programs offer and what individuals truly need. While cognitive programs in the past have typically used compensatory strategies to help participants cope with their limited capacities after injury or illness, BEARS focuses instead on rebuilding cognitive capacities through neuroplastic programming as well as providing a way for anyone to improve their brain health. The goal is to help participants actually regain the abilities they’ve lost from injury or illness, enhance cognition, and improve their overall quality of life long-term, instead of helping people simply accept their circumstances and live within their reduced capacities. 

Neuroplasticity, the science BEARS is based on, is the brain’s ability to change and adapt. Through specific actions, the brain is able to generate new neurons and make new connections. This means that people are able to learn, or re-learn, new skills and strengthen cognitive capabilities. BEARS takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity to help participants target their cognitive challenges, change their brains, and improve their brain health. 

How does BEARS work? 

Combining research and therapies to create a higher standard of care, the BEARS Program is a four-pillar approach to cognitive care: 

  1. Cardio Program – Aerobic exercise plays a crucial role in preparing the brain for more effective cognitive recovery. Research shows that exercise triggers the release of BDNF, a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which primes the brain for faster learning. Cardio has also been found to improve mood regulation and executive functioning for patients with brain injuries. 

  2. Cognitive Training – Using the world-renowned BrainEx program, originally developed by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, BEARS targets four areas of the brain that are responsible for executive functioning. Targeted exercises help participants with a myriad of cognitive functions, including information processing, memory retention, maintaining focus and attention, self-awareness and regulation, and communication. 

  3. Mindfulness Curriculum – BEARS integrates guided mindfulness exercises to reduce depressive symptoms, combat overall stress and fatigue, decrease pain after brain injury, and increase energy levels. 

  4. Progress Tracking – BEARS clinical providers have access to fully-automated tools to analyze and report real-time participant activity. This system allows BEARS facilitators to monitor changes in each participant’s daily life throughout their treatment program, improving the quality of patient care. 

Who is BEARS for? 

BEARS is an ideal solution for a wide range of cognitive challenges. It addresses long-term symptoms such as fatigue, memory difficulties, depression, anxiety, irritability, impulsiveness, trouble concentrating, and impaired self-control. 

You can benefit from BEARS if you: 

  • Have sustained a traumatic brain injury or concussion

  • Have an acquired brain injury resulting from stroke 

  • Are experiencing brain fog after COVID-19 infection or other illnesses 

  • Are experiencing cognitive decline, either from ageing or other causes 

  • Struggle with anxiety or depression 

  • Want to enhance your athletic performance 

  • Want to enhance your cognitive performance in other areas, including work 

Read here about some of the BEARS participants whose lives have changed along with their cognitive health. 

BEARS was designed with the vision of raising the standard of cognitive healthcare and improving the quality of life for everyone. At the Virtual Brain Health Center we strive to share brain care for all. Through our collaborative partnerships, we want to offer hope and accessible brain care options to all those who face seemingly insurmountable cognitive challenges.  

If you are interested in learning how to change and enhance your brain, we look forward to connecting with you. 

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