TBI One Love Podcast with Dr. Krystal L. Culler

To end our April segment tonight, we have Dr. Krystal L. Culler, who is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and Social Gerontologist with a background in the behavioral sciences (psychology of aging, gerontology, and sociology), along with 15+ years working with individuals with brain health-related diagnoses, their families.

She has an unwavering commitment to promoting brain health equity to individuals of all ages and the communities she serves!

Tune in at 9pm CST by visiting: tbionelove.org/podcast to gain her impact on helping our national and international listener’s with understanding that, lifelong brain health matters!

“My team and I envision a time when accurate information about brain health is more easily accessible and information is not being siloed within behavioral health services, medical services, or community-based services. We help aging adults live active, vibrant lives through the development of innovative programs and creative service provision to support their optimal brain health and wellness goals across community-based settings to memory care. Brain health is for everyone.”- Dr. Krystal Culler

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